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8. OrangeDaily Multiple Clinical Objectives

8. OrangeDaily Multiple Clinical Objectives

Now that we understand the overall importance of our skin, we understand the need for restoring and maintaining its health. Unfortunately, food and supplements have a difficult time reaching the skin to provide it with the nutrition it requires to maintain health. The best method for supplying our skin with nutrients is through topical application.

Unfortunately, many people fail to recognize the importance of a daily regime of skin care or they use products that not only do not provide skin health, but may even damage their skin. OrangeDaily is formulated to address the supplemental needs of our skin, providing a balanced system to both rejuvenate and preserve optimal skin health. This is accomplished in the following method:

Cleanse Skin

  • Remove oils, grime and pollutants from skin surface for a most effective use of products to promote skin health.
  • Create a reservoir of products in the skin.

Tone Skin

  • Balance the pH for effective use of products.
  • Create a reservoir of products in the skin.

Therapy for Skin

  • Provide necessary nutrients and vitamins to skin cells.
  • Promote healthy cells with increased collagen production.
  • Create a reservoir of products in the skin.
  • Promote more rapid turnover of new skin cells for improved health and appearance.

Promote Optimal Skin Appearance

  • Decrease wrinkles.
  • Decrease age spots.
  • Firm skin, creating a “glow.”
  • Rejuvenate damaged skin.

Moisturize Skin

  • Improve health of skin through proper hydration.
  • Decrease potential for skin to dehydrate.
  • Improve the appearance of skin.
  • Resist infection.

Protect Skin

  • Antioxidants prevent UV and environmental damages.
  • Healthier skin cells provide a greater amount of barrier protection.

Stay tuned – more useful skin care information coming!

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