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52. Dr. Dave: I call It “Truth in Health”

52. Dr. Dave: I call It “Truth in Health”

During this current pandemic I am often amazed at the decisions people are making regarding protecting themselves in staying clear from the Corona virus. One thing that is certain—we haven’t figured out everything in order to stay safe. Some of the protocols that are in place such as social distancing, frequently washing hands with sanitizer or wearing masks while in public places have their validity as precautions. But there are also the extremes that I scratch my head over—provisions that I observe some people enforcing upon themselves even though there is no scientific evidence for inclusion as a safe practice protocol. Case in point is the individuals who drive down the street with their windows rolled up wearing their face mask. If anyone has an explanation as to why this is an effective prevention practice, please comment. The CDC says nothing about catching the virus from yourself or your car. I call the understanding of scientific evidence and the implementation of appropriate treatments or changes as “Truths in Health.”

To further develop this concept, many years ago my brother was visiting me from Florida. He is a renowned Orthopedic Veterinarian / Surgeon and, in my opinion, a bottomless resource on dog care. My dog, Bentley, who is a large ridgeback, had recently been gaining noticeable weight. I asked Dan what should I be doing to trim him down? I expected a profound professional dissertation on what treatments, medications and alterations in Bentley’s diet needed to be implemented. Instead, Dan simply responded: “ Don’t feed him so much.” Oh…duh! What a great example about the Truth in Health. Sometimes the obvious, simple answer is right there in front of us and we fail to grasp its importance.

Truth in Health relies upon scientific evidence and facts and many times it has little to do about perception. When I practiced dentistry, I spent years in training to understand the TMJ, the joint in front of your ear that opens and closes your mouth and the importance of balanced occlusion, the way your upper teeth fit to your lower teeth when you bite. If this situation is out of alignment, we find ourselves clenching our teeth and, over time, we can wear down our dentition or cause muscle spasms on the side of our head and back of neck. This muscular tension creates headaches and are often confused with migraines. I successfully treated hundreds of cases of these “migraines” through the use of properly constructed nightguards that helped reposition the jaw to relax the tension in these muscles. Often these patients suffered from “migraines” for years, living on muscle relaxants or curling up in bed to ward off the adverse effects. I was often greeted with skepticism when I explained that they could eliminate their problem by correcting their bite situation. If such a person chose to follow my advice, most were amazed at the positive outcome. For each of these cases, we had to overcome their prejudices and perceptions to allow the Truth in Health to solve their problem.

Today I am blessed to be working with a company, Ampac-USA, that provides people with another form of Truth in Health—proper skin nutrition. Without understanding the scientific needs of skin nutrition, it is difficult to make great decisions on an effective daily regimen. There are countless choices a consumer can make about their skin care. Many products try to entice shoppers by using rare and exotic botanicals—the more offbeat, the better. Granted, there are many regulations of the claims made of these products to protect the public. However, I compare the need for proper skin nutrition to be like the decisions we make about our dietary needs. While some skin products promote themselves to appeal to our senses, there are many “hot fudge Sundaes” also available that do not meet our best skin nutrition requirements. This is the reason I am so appreciative of our OrangeDaily products. Our formulations were specifically designed to meet the nutritional requirements of our skin. The cornerstone of ingredients in our products is topical Vitamin C—often called the most essential ingredient that our skin needs in order to maintain its health. This complete system of products, used every day, will provided the skin with the fundamental ingredients needed to promote optimal skin health and beauty. OrangeDaily products truly are another great example of Truth in Health.

Always remember: “Healthy skin is beautiful skin and beautiful skin is healthy skin”.

Dr. Dave

Every Day! Without Fail!

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