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1. The Truth About Health and Beauty

1. The Truth About Health and Beauty

While cosmetic beauty is a worldwide, multi-billion-dollar industry, one should realize that some cosmetic products are often used to hide skin health problems, whereas OrangeDaily is proven effective in getting to the root of the problems – skin nutrition. Cosmetics may fall short of what is fast becoming a new consumer awareness in this “Covid World”: a focus on true health through lifestyle changes such as adequate exercise, stress relief and proper nutrition.

Staying at home in quarantine, limited from outside stimulus and provided with time for reflection on what is important in the present moment have driven many individuals to conclusions that have implemented more positive lifestyle changes. Covid for all of its negativity on society, has allowed many people a “sabbatical” from their fast-paced world, thus allowing them to make these healthier lifestyle choices. The coverup world of cosmetics has given ways to the search for what I term “truth in health and beauty” provided by increasing the consumer’s scientific knowledge behind their healthy choices.

As consumers continue to focus on personal health, their level of knowledge base becomes more scientific and factual. Within this emerging awareness for improved health, many people’s focus are shifting towards our largest and most “malnourished” organ in our body—our skin. It is a fact that even with ingesting healthy foods and vitamins, the skin is the last to reap the benefits of “oral” nutrition. The most effective way to improve skin nutrition is through topical application. Couple this with understanding that our climate changes, intensified sun exposure and increasing environmental stresses all contribute towards accelerated skin damage. As a result of this mounting concern, health- conscious consumers are searching for optimal skin health. Given these circumstances, one begins to understand why OrangeDaily is positioned towards becoming a “leading edge” product. Through daily use of our system of products, one can provide their skin with a proper balance of the necessary ingredients to promote skin health and beauty. The uniqueness of our products is in the masterful formulations that provide the essential nutrients and vitamins that are either missing or in low supply to skin cells.

It is important to note that similar to exercise, diet and other self-improvement implementations, improved skin health and beauty will not be an overnight success. One workout will not change a person’s physique nor will eating less than 1,500 calories in one day cause a person to shed 50 pounds. However, consistency in any of these changes of lifestyle, performed every day—without fail—will result in a gradual and often dramatic result. Such is also the case in the daily use of OrangeDaily products. Rest assured that by using these products, one is applying the proper nutrients and if used on a daily basis will improve wrinkling, age spots, and leave the skin looking younger within a span of a few months. The concept is to continue to use OrangeDaily products as a lifestyle change, thus avoiding many of the damages promoted by sun, stresses and age. A few

minutes spent every day applying these products goes a long way towards preventing or rejuvenating what we see in the mirror every time we stand in front of it.

Stay tuned – more useful skin care information coming!

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