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2. Today’s Skin Nutrition Facts & Figures

2. Today’s Skin Nutrition Facts & Figures

The rise in global sales of personal care products and the trending self-care culture is driving skin care to the highest spending level ever, presently at over $141 billion in global sales and expected to top $180 billion by 2027. Skin care is no longer an “older female” market. Younger consumers – female and male – are paying increasing attention and spending more dollars to guard their skin against premature aging from the harmful effects of sun exposure, air pollution, poor nutrition and stress. Globally, skin disorders and diseases affect over 900 million people, with over a million cases of skin cancer last year in the US alone.

There is increasing demand for higher sun protection factor formulations and natural organic products instead of chemical formulations, which the large brands like L’Oreal, Revlon, P&G, Unilever and J&J are addressing with expanded lines and new product releases. The markets are younger, expanding, upscale and renewable, the growth is continual, awareness is growing daily through social media, digital marketing and influencers. There is no end to the growth in sight.

Why OrangeDaily is a Reliable Product Line: Topical Vitamin C is Proven It Works!

Topical vitamin C has been proven in various clinical studies to help stimulate collagen, to hydrate and to plump skin, to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, to bind free radicals that oxidize and destroy skin vitality, to lighten dark spots and to regulate pigmentation irregularities. Applied in a conscientious, daily application program over a 60 to 90-day period, topical vitamin C – chemically identical to that used in OrangeDaily formulations – has been proven to promote collagen production, protect skin from sun damage, reduce under-eye circles, accelerate healing, reduce skin discoloration, keep skin looking younger, improve hydration and moisture, reduce inflammation to enable brighter, healthier skin. OrangeDaily products are formulated with a balanced mixture of stable and effective vitamin C, with other clinically proven vitamin and botanical ingredients, produced and packaged by one of the world’s leading cGMP cosmeceutical laboratories under Ampac USA supervision. OrangeDaily products deliver an affordable daily vitamin C therapy and regimen that provides optimal skin protection, repair, restoration and rejuvenation.

Stay tuned – more useful skin care information coming!

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