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45. Becoming a Passionate Topical Vitamin C Fan!

45. Becoming a Passionate Topical Vitamin C Fan!

Men and women think differently about many things. A perfect example is in how men and women care for their skin. In general, women spend countless hours and top dollars on lotions and cosmetics to keep their skin looking young, and on lotions that shield them from the sun before spending their day outdoors. Most women are very aware of the effects of environmental damage that can ruin their appearance. to their credit, they are driven to be proactive and consistent in the way they care for their skin.

When it comes to caring for my skin, I am a perfect example of the average male mentality. For over sixty years, I have been a sun worshiper and outdoorsman. During my younger days, protecting my skin meant baking in the sun to get a “tan,” while slathering on baby oil or snow to produce the desired sunburn that scalded my acne. It felt great to lie in the sun! I spent my entire life skiing, doing yardwork, playing baseball, golfing, hiking and anything else involving the sun, searching for that end of the day burn that told me it was a great day outside.

However, now that I am over 60, I see the long-term effects of my irrational thoughts. This came to even more light as I visited the dermatologist to have a basal cell carcinoma removed from my forehead. Then there were the countless age spots that freckled my face and hands. Time had caught up to me. Let me be the first to admit: this man is grandiose and reactive when it comes to his personal skincare. As someone once said in a college graduation speech: “Always wear sunscreen.” I ascribed to a fate of my own doing and a feeling that it was now impossible to turn back the clock.

Then last year, I joined the OrangeDaily Team. Having been in my past life a dentist and scientist, I began to study dermatology and the science behind our products. I learned that the skin is the body’s largest organ and it is also the most “malnourished.” Most of the nutrients and vitamins we ingest do not reach the skin. It is for this reason that our company’s products exists. We provide the necessary nutrients intended to make our skin healthy, optimally healthy. I also learned that new skin “turned over” every 60-90 days. So, if one provided the proper nutrients to the skin over this period, the skin could begin to recover towards renewed health and beauty. In my case, my skin had not been properly fed for over 60 years!

At the start of last year, I committed to use our products– EVERY DAY, WITHOUT FAIL– to discover for myself the true efficacy of OrangeDaily products. In my morning hygiene routine, I used the cleanser to scrub my face and hands to provide the cleanest possible skin surface. The Cleanser also lathered and allowed me to use it as shaving cream. Once rinsed, I applied the Toner, which is used to both deep-cleaned my skin and neutralize the pH. The Toner allowed my skin to become more compatible for application of the OrangeDaily Serum. Our Serum is 10% Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid)—one of Nature’s greatest collagen promoters and also one of the best anti-oxidants for resolving the damaging effects of the sun. I also applied our great moisturizer and Brightening cream, which gradually faded my age spots away. These products were easy for me to use, non-greasy and felt terrific on my skin. At night, before bed, I would use the Tri-Retinol cream, featuring Vitamin A (retinol.) Our vitamin A product is composed of three low-dose forms of retinol, the combined effect synergistically creating a rapid skin cell turnover. Unlike other retinol products, it did not irritate my skin.

Today, 10 months after starting this regimen of OrangeDaily Skin Nutrition, I have experienced a satisfying rejuvenation of my skin’s health and appearance. I am still as involved as ever with outdoor activities, but I do not sunburn, even under the most extreme conditions. I also find it easy to comply using our products daily, knowing that I am proactively treating my past disregard and negligence of caring for my skin. I like to think of it as a livable lifestyle change. Today, it has actually become as important as my daily workout routine. Am I passionate about our OrangeDaily products? My answer is a resounding “Yes!” I have personally seen great results and now I am an OrangeDaily believer!


Dr. Dave

Every Day! Without Fail!

Spirit *Soul * Mind * Body

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