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49. Rejuvenate Your Skin While You Sleep

49. Rejuvenate Your Skin While You Sleep

In past blogs, I discussed in depth the benefits of OrangeDaily’s cornerstone ingredient: Topical vitamin C. I pointed out that the largest organ in our body, the skin suffered from malnutrition if one relied on oral vitamins and food alone.  We discussed that a daily application of 10% of topical vitamin C provided the skin with the primary ingredient it needed to promote healthy skin. Vitamin C acted as a tremendous antioxidant, protecting the skin from damages created by the sun and other environmental stresses. Additionally, topical vitamin C was a huge promoter of elastin and collagen, the “skeleton” that promoted cells to “plump” thus removing wrinkles. Finally, we learned that topical vitamin C helped to eliminate skin discolorations such as age spots. It was also revealed that many forms of topical vitamin C found in skin care products are ineffective as a result of poor manufacturing standards, use of over-stabilized vitamin C and lack of proper additive ingredients used for driving the product into the deeper layers of the skin.

If vitamin C were the only ingredient in the OrangeDaily system, it would still provide efficacy in its’ daily use. But what OrangeDaily’s formulator, Dr. Ron DeSalvo had in mind was to provide the skin cells with a total system of ingredients and nutrients, providing the skin cells with many elements needed for optimal nourishment and health. Therefore, while topical vitamin C could be considered as the “main course”, DeSalvo created a “feast” of complimentary ingredients concocting a “banquet” for skin cells to thrive.

In earlier blogs it was noted that the morning regimen recommended starting with the Cleanser and Toner to prepare the skin. Additionally, these two products started the process of priming the skin with vitamin C, creating a reservoir effect and ensuring that an adequate supply of vitamin C would be available to the skin cells throughout the day. Following this, the 10% vitamin C serum was applied, followed by skin moisturizer to hydrate the tissue. If need, this was also the time to apply the eye complex cream, geared specifically for the delicate needs around the eye and/or the brightening cream to safely even out skin tone and age spots. All of these products are additionally seasoned with botanicals, emollients, essential oils and moisturizers. All ingredients were thoughtfully positioned to complement each other, working synergistically to give skin cells just what they need in the right amount and in the proper sequence.

If that were not enough, DeSalvo had the foresight to give the skin cell an additional boost. He created a nighttime age-defying cream to promote rapid cell turn over, rejuvenating skin cells while we sleep.  Retinol (also called vitamin A) has long been recognized for its age-defying, therapeutic effects. Vitamin A promotes rapid cell turnover. Skin cells are formed in the deeper dermal layers. As they mature, they migrate towards the skin surface until finally they die and are sloughed off. This process usually is a 40-to-50-day cycle. Vitamin A can shorten this process down to 16 days. As a result, skin rejuvenation is accelerated, magnifying the results of all of OrangeDaily’s fantastic ingredients, including vitamin C. Furthermore, retinol increases the production of collagen, promotes hydration, increases skin elasticity and helps reduce wrinkles. Vitamin A is also another antioxidant. Finally, retinol is used to control oily skin, acne, acne scars and helps to improve dull, dry skin.

While all of these features of Retinol seem like great news, there are major side effects to contend with using pure retinol. Applying retinol to sensitive skin subjects the user to a “scalding” effect, literally burning the skin if overused. This reaction can be further complicated if the user applies retinol and is exposed to the sun. Because of this risk, Dr. DeSalvo choose to formulate his antiaging product using 3 different precursor forms of retinol: retinyl palmitate, retinol, and retinyl acetate. These low dosages work concomitantly to provide the skin with the desired effects of retinol, but without the harsh reactions. Most people can apply this product at night with the confidence that it will not irritate sensitive skin. If used every day and night, the OrangeDaily system will allow the skin to reach optimum health and esthetics.

The important thing to remember is: Healthy skin is beautiful skin and beautiful skin is healthy skin.

Dr. Dave

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