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48. A Remedy After a Lifetime in the Sun

48. A Remedy After a Lifetime in the Sun

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my 67th birthday. If you are young…don’t blink! Time has a way of slipping through your fingers. All my life I had done things to preserve my health with the big picture in mind: daily workouts, 8 hours of sleep, making healthy choices about my food. I even flossed my teeth every day because keeping my health was so important. As a result, I have been rewarded later in life with the ability to continue to enjoy a host of outdoor activities. Thus far, I have been blessed to keep myself young at heart. I am an avid golfer, skier, and baseball (not softball) player. I love to hike in the Sierra Nevada Mountains with my wife and believe it or not, I even enjoy mowing my lawn and doing yard work. Personally, I cannot begin to imagine what my life would be like without being able to do these things. All of these enjoyable events have one thing in common—they are all outside under the sun. Here in the Central Valley of California the Summer sun can be intense. Over the years, I learned to embrace the heat and sun in pursuit of my sports and adventures.

While I was attentive to many of my physical fitness needs, I was remiss about caring for and protecting my skin. For some reason, I could not equate that I needed to be consistent with providing the nutrients and protection that my skin needed as it was exposed to the damaging effects of the severe California sun. There were many days that I went outside into these elements without a thought of the damage UV light would be doing to my skin. How could I be so insensitive to this need when I was overly concerned about my fitness?

Sure enough, as I entered my 50’s and 60’s, I began to see the cumulative results of my negligence. As my sunburns began to mount up, I noticed my skin started to develop undesirable dark age spots. I also noted that my skin seemed to become “thinner” and would always seem to cut and bleed as I did my weekly gardening. Finally, I began to notice that some of my skin was starting to sag and wrinkle. The poor health of my skin seemed to be the Achilles heel in my personal battle against aging. My proactivity towards my chosen healthy lifestyle was being compromised by a reactivity to this overlooked situation. My skin health low point finally arrived when I was told by my Dermatologist that I had numerous precancerous lesions on my face that either needed to be removed or watched over closely.

In previous blogs, I shared with you how Ampac-USA/ OrangeDaily Vitamin C topical Skin Care System could be used every day to restore and rejuvenate our skin to optimal health. We also discussed the importance of Vitamin C as a promoter in the production of collagen and elastin, the elements responsible for “plumping” cells and improving the thin skin that many people like myself experience as we age. Furthermore, I shared with you that topical Vitamin C was one of the best antioxidants, preventing the sun damaging events that occur in the deeper layers of our skin. When I joined our OrangeDaily executive team and discovered the proper way to care and protect my skin, I recommitted to a daily regimen of our products that hopefully would restore my skin’s health.

I can honestly share with you that this “newer” commitment has been easy to follow. The OrangeDaily products leave my skin feeling clean and silky. I have been consistently applying these products daily for over 18 months. My skin health has dramatically improved and many of my wrinkles have disappeared. But the most significant enhancement provided by these products is the slow disappearance of my dark age spots that peppered my hands and face. As the chief science director, I discovered that vitamin C is used to block tyrosinase and the oxidative destruction of healthy dermal cells. Specifically, vitamin C prevents melanocytes from producing melanin and as result the dark spots begin to fade. OrangeDaily products are manufactured with a balance of ingredients that synergistically support active forms of vitamin C. In addition, the products include low dosage forms of retinol that gently promotes rapid cell turn over, Vitamin E that enhances the vitamin C reactions and lactic acid that is a safe, effective skin brightener. My skin rejuvenation was not a rapid, overnight success story. However, the improvement over time is evidence that it is possible to improve the health and beauty of your skin if you are willing to commit to a big picture lifestyle change.                                  

Remember that Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin and Beautiful Skin is Healthy Skin.

Dr. Dave

Every Day! Without Fail!

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