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OrangeDaily Frequently Asked Questions

Consult your physician or dermatologist should you have questions about your skin. These questions and answers are designed to provide general, non-clinical information.

Product Information:

See the blog post article here.

Made in the USA, in California and Texas.

The daytime regimen is Daily Cleanser – Daily Toner – 10% Vitamin C Serum – Daily Moisturizer. Age Defying Tri-retinol Complex and Dual Action Lightening Cream can be used day and night. Note that the Dual Action Lightening Cream is also a carefully formulated moisturizer, so if you choose to use Dual Action Lightening Cream over your entire face, neck and other areas, it can take the place of our Daily Moisturizer. Age Defying Tri-Retinol Complex can be used during the day, but only if followed by sunscreen application. Retinols, Vitamin A, increase sun sensitivity.

Customers report success with 20-30 minutes of penetration time to allow OrangeDaily® to hydrate the skin.

We are in the process of adding separate sunscreens.  In future formulations, we are adding SPF 30 and 50 to our existing products. Note that topical vitamin C used daily has been shown over time to build a “reservoir effect” to shield the skin from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, and it doesn’t wash off like sunscreens.

After you complete the OrangeDaily® regimen, and definitely before you go outside after a daytime application of Tri-Retinol.

They all contain topical L-ascorbic acid, or vitamin C. The concentration should work with most skin types. Sensitive skin requires a small patch test prior to general application.

OrangeDaily products are carefully formulated to benefit most skin types but if you have sensitive skin, start with a small patch test before generally applying any skin care product. Some products can lead to irritation for certain skin types if used incorrectly.

Yes. Each product is designed to add topical vitamin C benefits to your skin for maximum cumulative results. It is called a “reservoir effect.”

Our products are designed to provide benefits to most skin types. The regimen can begin in the 20s to strengthen skin against environmental damage, dehydration, etc. With increasing attention being focused on quality of life and optimum health, the age of customers is trending downward from those seeking repair and rejuvenation to those seeking prevention. In general, the earlier, the better. Note that topical vitamin C may not be suitable for children.

All OrangeDaily® products, used together in the correct order will provide benefits to most skin types. The correct order is Daily Cleanser – Daily Toner – 10% Vitamin C Serum – Daily Moisturizer. Additional products for specific conditions include Age-Defying Eye Complex, Age-Defying Tri-Retinol and Dual-Action Whitening Cream.

Yes. Moisturizer, Serum and Whitening Cream for “age spots.” Remember, everywhere you apply topical vitamin C, it contributes to the “reservoir effect” which aids in resistance to the damaging environmental elements and the appearance of aging.

Our Age-Defying Tri-Retinol uses three types of vitamin A, and the combination is intended to be gentler, less irritating and more effective than just one type of stronger retinol. You should try it on a small patch, and if there is no reaction, daily use can result in reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Yes. The vitamin C and other ingredients are good for all of your skin and add to the “reservoir effect.”

Best stored at room temperature.

The Company:

Since 2003 internationally, and since 2020 in the USA.

Currently OrangeDaily® products are only offered on our Website and selected Online Retailers

Yes. We have over 40 new products under development, including products for acne, masks, sunscreens, lip balms and other topical vitamin C products.

Check this website frequently for news of promotions and new product introductions. Soon, our Starter Kit will available at a 40% discount for a limited time.

SubScription Program:

Yes. In addition to a 15% discount on your first order, a 5% discount is applied to all future subscription shipments. Subscribers also receive free shipping, guaranteed pricing for two years after program sign-up, and enjoy special pricing on all NEW OrangeDaily® products and others featured throughout the year.

Yes. All products and bundles, except for the Starter Kit, are available through the Subscription Program.

Yes. You can suspend (or cancel) your Subscription Program at any time. Simply go to My Account on the OrangeDaily® website. Please note that it may take up to five business days for your changes to take effect.

This decision is really up to you. Both programs offer convenience and provide reliable service to get your OrangeDaily® products to you as quickly as possible.

Ordering and Shipping:

MasterCard, Visa, American Express

Same or next business day.

Most orders within the USA are received within 5 business days. (Amazon Prime members receive faster service from Amazon.)

Yes, go online to “My Account” to update your information.

Yes, go online to “My Account” to update your information.

Yes, go online to “My Account” to update your information.

You will receive an email once your order is received, showing how to track it.

Yes, go online to “My Account” to update your information.

Go on the website and check your shipment status or email cs@ampac-usa.com with your order number.

Yes, go online to “My Account” to update your information.

Returns and Exchanges:

After using OrangeDaily precisely according to the instructions here for the recommended length of time, and you got no results or results far less than expected, we will cheerfully refund your money. Please understand that OrangeDaily is not a quick fix. It is formulated to work over a period of 60-90 days and continually after that for as long as it is used.

Yes, but please provide a description of the reaction, perhaps with a photograph and the manner in which you applied the product, so we can further our research and continue to strive for product improvement. Application should comply with the instructions here

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