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69. Topical Vitamin C Daily Cleanser: 9 Advantages

69. Topical Vitamin C Daily Cleanser: 9 Advantages

Vitamin C, that amazing antioxidant that we’re all familiar with that makes a positive impact on our health when we include it in our regular diet, can also make a positive impact on the health of our skin when included in our daily skincare regimen. What benefits can you expect to receive from using a daily cleanser that includes topical vitamin C?

1. Clean and Clear Skin

Just like bathing and brushing your teeth, you should clean your face with a gentle topical vitamin C cleanser at least twice a day. In the evening, you’ll want to remove makeup or dirt and oil that landed on your face during the day. In the morning, you want to wash away oils that may have surfaced during the night as well as any dust particles or other contaminants that may have settled on your skin while you were sleeping.

2. Increased Collagen Production

L-ascorbic acid, the most easily absorbed form of vitamin C will absorb deep into the dermal layers to stimulate your skin cells to increase the production of collagen. Why is collagen production important to your skin? It’s the amino acid molecules that give your skin its structure and keep it looking vibrant and youthful.

3. Smoother Complexion

Melanin produces pigment in our skin and determines whether we are fair or dark-complected or somewhere in between. This pigment production increases when we tan, and as we age, it can cause a blotchy appearance known as hyperpigmentation. A cleanser that contains this amazing antioxidant will also give you a smoother, clearer and more even complexion by inhibiting melanin production.

4. Skin Prepared for Other Products

It doesn’t make much sense to slather a moisturizer or serum onto dirty skin. For the best results, always begin your skincare regimen by washing away impurities. In so doing, your skin will be ready to receive any other products you apply.

5. Fewer Breakouts and Blemishes

Did you know that a topical vitamin can reduce acne? Acne is a skin condition characterized by redness, swelling, blackheads, and whiteheads caused by inflammation of the skin. Whether that inflammation is caused by diet, hormones or clogged pores, cleaning your skin daily with a product that contains topical C can help since it is an anti-inflammatory agent.

6. Faster Wound Healing

Not only can topical C work to reduce acne breakouts, but it can also help speed healing from blemishes or other wounds. As an anti-inflammatory, it helps to reduce swelling and redness in acne lesions or other wounds. Because of its ability to stimulate collagen production, this antioxidant can increase the production of new, healthy cells to replace the damaged ones in the wound. And while we can’t guarantee that healed wounds won’t leave scars, daily application of topical C may reduce their appearance.

7. Reduce and Reverse Sun Damage

Did you know that a simple vitamin applied daily as part of your regular skincare routine can help reduce and reverse the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays? That’s the awesome power of the antioxidant applied topically and daily in the form of L-ascorbic acid. It absorbs into the dermal layer and goes to work combatting free radical damage while protecting your skin from future damage.

8. Reduce the Visible Signs of Aging

Cleansing your skin daily with a product that contains topical C will yield visible results when used consistently over 2-3 months. The most noticeable result will likely be a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles as collagen production is increased, melanin production is decreased, and inflammation is reduced. You will notice a smoother, firmer, more youthful appearance in after consistent use over a 60-90 day regemin.

9. The Amazing Reservoir Effect

Probably one of the most easily overlooked benefits of using a cleanser that contains L-ascorbic acid is something known as the “reservoir effect.” Even though the product is washed off, the vitamin will be absorbed into the dermal layers where it will build a reserve. When used daily, this reserve builds up and becomes an around-the-clock factor that is constantly working in your favor to provide you with all the skin benefits of topical C.

Now that we’ve explored these nine reasons to use a topical vitamin C cleanser daily, choose one that is specially formulated to build your vitamin reservoir so that you get the constant benefits for healthier, smoother, more vibrant skin.

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