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50. An Open Mind Approach to Skin Health

50. An Open Mind Approach to Skin Health

Just for a few minutes, I need you to open your mind to a new concept. For many years as a practicing dentist, I treated people whose only reason for seeking dental care was to be treated for a problem that was obvious to them. They avoided routine visits and only sought care if they fractured a front tooth or had a toothache that was causing them an unbelievable amount of pain. Typically, most of these people had no idea about their many other dental problems that were ravaging their dentition. They were solely basing their beliefs and decisions on what they could see or feel, avoiding the reality of their condition. I learned that educating these people using photos of their teeth and explaining their current situation in language they understood was the key to leading them towards important, sound decisions about their dental health. I would usually start my consultations with the following advice: “If these were my teeth, these are the decisions that I would be making, if this were me, my goal would be to bring my teeth to optimal health, and these are the steps I would take.” I knew from experience that only fixing the perceived problem was never a long-term healthy decision. What these patients were convinced they needed was many times far different than what they truly required to gain dental health.

Today, I am involved in very different profession as the director for scientific information for OrangeDaily products. Yet, in many ways, there are striking similarities between my past and present occupations. Instead of promoting healthy teeth, I find myself endorsing healthy skin. Comparable to our teeth, our skin is often poorly maintained, resulting in cumulative damages that can affect our overall health. In either instance, prevention is the best way to avoid the future pain and disappointment caused by neglecting proper care. Also, people are often uneducated or make poor decisions about their daily home care routines. It’s interesting how so many of us are unwilling to floss for 1 minute every day to save our teeth from gum disease. It is equally perplexing why some people fail to provide their skin with missing nutrients and vitamins each day to keep themselves from looking old and helping in the prevention of skin cancer. Finally, I was always puzzled with some of the poor choices in oral care products, such as hard toothbrushes that destroyed enamel and strange toothpaste ingredients that some of my patients thought superior to proven and recommended home care products. Similarly, there are many people who purchase skin care products without understanding the true nutritional needs of their skin.  As I have become more and more knowledgeable about skin care, I realize that there is wealth of skin care products whose efficacy remains questionable.

Keeping these thoughts in mind, my educational journey in dermatology and pharmaceutical cosmetics has evolved to a level that I have developed a great appreciation for the true science in skin care. I have learned that if one relies upon food and supplemental vitamins for providing the skin with its nourishment, most of these supplements will go to other organs in the body. Furthermore, our bodies do not produce Vitamin C, which is the essential cornerstone for the health and protection of our skin. As I study the rationale of what constitutes proper skin nutrition, I have gained a very deep respect for the formulations in the OrangeDaily Vitamin C Skin Care System. Topically applied, these products are intended to ensure a steady supply of the vitamins and nutrients required for healthy skin.  I am often asked which of our 7 products is THE ONE product that should be used to remove wrinkles or age spots or nourish skin? This closed-minded question is like those dental patients of my past profession who wanted me to fix “the one perceived problem” that would make their teeth healthy. Our products rely upon each other to contribute and support the nutritional needs of the skin. Each product is another piece to the skin care puzzle. I have learned to admire how our master formulator, Dr. Ron DiSalvo, balanced all of the ingredients into this system and if used daily would combine to produce optimal skin health. This is a big picture, optimal care approach. To this point, I highly question whether there is a formulation that could truly provide a consumer an all-in-one product option for skin health. My advice is to use Dr DiSalvo’s brilliant formula in its entirety—all 7 products—to rejuvenate and shield your skin.

Remember: healthy skin is beautiful skin and beautiful skin is healthy skin.

Dr. Dave

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