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16. Ingredient Details: Introduction

16. Ingredient Details: Introduction

As you read through this material, it should become readily apparent that:

1. The formulator of the OrangeDaily System, Ron DiSalvo, chose a safe, efficacious and masterful blend of ingredients in creating our products.

2. There is a sophistication to our products that creates a balance of vitamins, nutrients, emollients and other carefully selected ingredients that promote skin nutrition, rejuvenation and optimal skin health.

3. Our products are intended to be used together as a system, in a specific order, to maximize their potential in bringing health to the skin. For example, vitamin C is an ingredient in most of our products. When used in the proper sequence, a “reservoir” of vitamin C is created in the layers of the skin, ensuring a proper supply of this proven anti-aging/antioxidant compound to the skin. Also, when used in the prescribed sequence, each ingredient will prime the skin for the next product.

We at Ampac clearly understand the value of our products in creating optimal skin health. The OrangeDaily team works diligently every day to become recognized as the “Gold Standard in Vitamin C Skin Care.” We embrace that it is our responsibility as providers and “caretakers” of our formulations to present these efficacious products properly to the world.

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