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47. The Added Value of GMP for OrangeDaily

47. The Added Value of GMP for OrangeDaily

You finally decided that enough is enough and you’re going to do something about your aged, discolored skin condition. You’ve already heard the lectures and warnings from your Dermatologist as he removes the next batch of precancers lesions off your forehead. You flashback to all those days when you sprinkled baby oil all over your face and laid in the midday sun trying to get a tan. Back in those times a sunburn meant that you had a great day outside. Oh! if you could just turn back the clock. You certainly would have done things differently… but now it’s too late! At the end of your doctors’ appointment your dermatologist recommends that you could reverse some of the damage to your skin by providing it with the proper nutrition and supplemental ingredients. He tells you that you can overcome some of the damage by using a daily regimen that includes topical Vitamin C, botanicals, moisturizers, vitamin A, and other skin care active ingredients.

Off you go to the pharmacy in search of the panacea for skin care. Once in the pharmacy, the choices of skin care products are almost endless. You start to read the labels and ask yourself all kinds of questions: What are the most important ingredients? How balanced is the product? is cheaper better? Is expensive better? Should I buy an “all-ingredients-in-one” or a system of products—which works better? It is all but impossible for the average consumer to determine which brand to use. Flashy names and glossy bottles may not be enough to decide which product to use. How can anyone figure out what should be used for proper skin care and nutrition? Furthermore, how does anyone know what would be effective over time?

A good place to start in answering these questions stems back to how products are manufactured. It goes without saying that efficacious ingredients must be properly sourced, formulated, blended and packaged. Last week, I had the pleasure to visit our company’s laboratory that produces all of our 7 OrangeDaily Topical Vitamin C Skin Care Products. Our products are all manufactured in Livermore (Made in the USA) California, in a l50,000sq ft GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) rated laboratory. Many skin care products throughout the world are not manufactured under comparable conditions. The “GMP/Made in the USA stamp” takes on its importance the moment you enter the laboratory front door. In order to tour the facilities, one must don a laboratory coat and hair net. They are also serious that they do not allow photographs. Everything is done by the book and up to the highest standards.

As we entered the manufacturing plant, we walked past isle after isle of ingredients, organized and stacked up to forty feet in height that were catalogued for the many products that this lab manufactures. The huge facility was spotless and there did not seem to be one box or drum of ingredients out of place. We turned around the corner of the building and saw a glass wall that allowed us to view one of the “mixing rooms.” The first descriptive word that comes to mind is “sterile.” There are several polished stainless steel mixing machines of various sizes ranging from the size of a wheelbarrow to the size of a cement-mixing truck. Several employees in protective white body suits were weighing ingredients and filling the mixing machines. Everything about this room spoke of accuracy, cleanliness and competency. Huge batches of products for several companies are produced in here every day with a precision measured in milligrams.

From the mixing room, the products are bottled and packaged in a large room, once again under stringent guidelines. Even the lighting used a low UV frequency bulb so as not to degrade the products’ viability. It was very rewarding to see our OrangeDaily Toner and 10% Vitamin C Serum being packaged and placed onto pallets to be shipped to our own warehouse this coming week. Finally, we took a side trip to the “lab within the lab.” This department had the responsibilities of quality testing, determining product stabilization and reformulating products. Having personally witnessed the expertise and professionalism that distinguished our laboratory’s GMP title left little doubt in my mind as to why our products are so efficacious and consistent in quality.

Granted there are other criteria that must be considered as we seek skin care product efficacy in improving skin health and esthetics. However, knowing that the products are manufactured under stringent standards is an important cornerstone. I felt a sense of pride as I watched our OrangeDaily products roll of the assembly line last week. It was gratifying to know that the label of GMP was not just a title, but a commitment to higher manufacturing standards. It speaks volumes about our company’s commitment to bring effective skin nutrition and topical vitamins at a reasonable cost to the world. It is also the underlying reason that our shelf life extends to almost 4 years. It is one of many reasons why we believe that we will soon become the gold standard in vitamin C skin therapy.

Dr. Dave

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