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42. Dr. Dave: Which Product is Best for Me?

42. Dr. Dave: Which Product is Best for Me?

There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by without someone asking me: “Out of the 7 OrangeDaily topical vitamin C skin care products, which one is the best one for me to use?”

This question is a very good one, because it lets me know that these individuals need further information about the philosophy and design of the OrangeDaily system of products. Let me provide you with an analogy that will help you better understand this statement.

Suppose I went to an excellent Italian restaurant and wanted to order their house specialty: spaghetti with meatballs in a marinara sauce. Would it be the same meal if I asked the waiter: “Which is the one ingredient that I should get on my noodles?” Not all spaghetti dinners are the same. Some chefs cut corners on their ingredients, while others do not understand the complexities nor have the skills to make a great meal. The gourmet spaghetti meal is not created using a single ingredient: it is a combination of several great ingredients, timing and the skill of the chef.

So, if one were trying to provide complete nutrition to their skin, which product would be the best to use? OrangeDaily topical vitamin C products were designed by a master in skin care formulation, Dr. Ron DiSalvo. There are many great reasons why he created seven wonderful products. Although each product has its own set of outstanding merits, none of them were ever intended to be a stand-alone product. There was a very logical sequence when each of the products were designed to be applied to the skin to optimize nutrition and enhance the skin’s health and beauty. Dr. DiSalvo intended for some of his products to be used every morning in a regimen, starting with the Daily Cleanser, followed by the Daily Toner, the 10% Vitamin C Serum and finally, the Daily Moisturizer. For therapy in the evening, apply the Daily Cleanser and Daily Toner, followed by the Age-Defying Tri-Retinol Complex, Advanced Eye Complex around the sensitive skin closest to the eyes and finish the regimen with Daily Moisturizer. At night, Dual Action Lightening Cream can be used to reduce “age spots,” liver spots, discolored patches and other areas out of balance with the overall tone and color of the skin. By following this “recipe,” a balanced topical vitamin C skin nutrition system, noticeable enhancements can be achieved over time.

Proper skin nutrition requires essential ingredients that the body cannot adequately provide through diet and vitamins. Dr. DiSalvo’s topical products allow the keys to optimum skin health. Scientifically, his Daily products work in synergistic combination to produce these desirable results. Daily Cleanser truly is a great cleanser and Daily Toner deep cleans and produces the proper pH for the other products to be effective. These two products also contain L-ascorbic acid, a very effective form of vitamin C. In fact, L-ascorbic acid is the cornerstone ingredient found in all OrangeDaily products.

The combined L-ascorbic acid found in all these products can reach the deeper dermal layer of the skin, creating a reservoir of effective vitamin C. As a result, all the combined products create enough active vitamin C to continually promote anti-aging, stimulate vital collagen and enable a host of other healthy cellular activities.

Besides working together to promote skin health, each of the seven OrangeDaily products individually meet specific needs of the skin. The 10% Vitamin C Serum is great at providing nutrition to the face, but it is too reactive for the delicate eye region, so Dr. DiSalvo formulated a much gentler Advanced Eye Complex with hyaluronic acid for optimal hydration. In conjunction with the Serum, the Dual Action Lightening Cream is used to safely resolve uneven skin tones. The Daily Moisturizer ensures the skin cells remain hydrated and healthy. The Age-Defying Tri-Retinol Complex accelerates the turnover of skin cells, enabling healthier cells, reducing the normal time required by several days for fresh cells to come to the surface. These are but a few of the wise choices that Dr. DiSalvo made in formulating his products. The result is an opportunity for all of us to use his products as he intended them to be used, every day, and realize the optimal health and beauty that is brought out by a fully balanced skin nutrition system. Remember:

Healthy skin is beautiful skin and beautiful skin is healthy skin.

Dr. Dave


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