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Beautiful Face & Skin

9. The Active Ingredients: Daily Cleanser

PRODUCT DETAILS: Every day, your skin is subjected to sun, stress, pollution and other damaging elements. Discover a way to help your skin protect itself from these daily assaults with OrangeDaily vitamin C products. Our OrangeDaily vitamin C products have been designed to work together to provide the essential amount of vitamin C needed to help protect and repair your skin from environmental damage. Antioxidants are present with all of OrangeDaily products, creating a 24-hour reservoir effect in deep tissue layers. Surfactants and emulsifiers help deliver effective ingredients deeper into the dermal layer. Introduction of skin moisturizers are also in the Daily Cleanser.

Cleansing with a correct formula is the important first step in an effective daily skin care regimen. A superior cleansing formula that washes away makeup, dirt and other impurities from exposure to the environment, this product is enriched with antioxidant vitamin C, hydrolyzed oat protein moisturizer and conditioner, molasses extract, which softens and hydrates the skin and witch hazel extract, a mildly astringent botanical extract that tightens and tones the skin. Our cleanser is free from parabens and phthalates.

Method of Use: Wash before using other OrangeDaily products using soft cloth or hands.

Ingredients: Diluent: Surfactants: Sodium Myreth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine, Polysorbate 20, PEG-150 Distearate. Viscosity Builder: Sodium Chloride. Preservative: Phenocuethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium Sorbate. pH Adjuster: Citric Acid. Essential Oils: Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange Peel). Botanicals: Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, Saccharum Officinarum (Sugar Cane) Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract. Humectant: Propylene Glycol. Vitamin: Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate. Water.

Body Area: Appropriate to wash the entire body, except mucus membrane areas. May choose to focus on face and hands. Squeeze small amount of cleanser onto hands and work into a lather. Massage onto wet face and rinse with water.

Age Range: Applicable to all ages

Pack Size: 145 mL / 4.9 fl oz

Skin Type: Appropriate for all skin types

SPF: N/A, however antioxidants will protect the cells from UV radiation by binding toxic free radicals that cause skin problems. Vitamin C is also an excellent stimulator for collagen formation.

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Great Skin

8. OrangeDaily Multiple Clinical Objectives

Now that we understand the overall importance of our skin, we understand the need for restoring and maintaining its health. Unfortunately, food and supplements have a difficult time reaching the skin to provide it with the nutrition it requires to maintain health. The best method for supplying our skin with nutrients is through topical application.

Unfortunately, many people fail to recognize the importance of a daily regime of skin care or they use products that not only do not provide skin health, but may even damage their skin. OrangeDaily is formulated to address the supplemental needs of our skin, providing a balanced system to both rejuvenate and preserve optimal skin health. This is accomplished in the following method:

Cleanse Skin

  • Remove oils, grime and pollutants from skin surface for a most effective use of products to promote skin health.
  • Create a reservoir of products in the skin.

Tone Skin

  • Balance the pH for effective use of products.
  • Create a reservoir of products in the skin.

Therapy for Skin

  • Provide necessary nutrients and vitamins to skin cells.
  • Promote healthy cells with increased collagen production.
  • Create a reservoir of products in the skin.
  • Promote more rapid turnover of new skin cells for improved health and appearance.

Promote Optimal Skin Appearance

  • Decrease wrinkles.
  • Decrease age spots.
  • Firm skin, creating a “glow.”
  • Rejuvenate damaged skin.

Moisturize Skin

  • Improve health of skin through proper hydration.
  • Decrease potential for skin to dehydrate.
  • Improve the appearance of skin.
  • Resist infection.

Protect Skin

  • Antioxidants prevent UV and environmental damages.
  • Healthier skin cells provide a greater amount of barrier protection.

Stay tuned – more useful skin care information coming!

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Applying Skin Cream

7. Ingredients in OrangeDaily 7-Step System

1. Skin Moisturizers A preparation, as a cream or lotion, used to restore moisture to the skin, especially the face and neck, usually to counter dry skin. There are three types of moisturizers:

Humectants – Natural moisturizers that draw moisture from the air to the skin. Humectants are usually proteins with an alcohol content. They can also be naturally occurring, usually associated with hyaluronic acid found deep in the skin layers.

Emollients – Thick liquid having a soothing and moisturizing effect when applied to the skin. Emollients essentially fill in dry skin, smoothing the surface texture.

Occlusives – Form a protective layer over dry skin.

2. Botanicals Pertaining to plants, made of or containing plants or plant parts.

3. Surfactants “Surface active agents” that reduce surface tension, increasing wetting and spreading properties. Surfactants help in skin penetration of other ingredients.

4. Essential Oils Concentrated plant extracts that retain the natural smell or flavor the “essence” of their source. Essential Oils are usually made by distillation or cold pressing. They affect the limbic system. Examples are: Peppermint – boosts energy; Lavender – relieves stress; Sandalwood – calms nerves; Tee Tree – fights infection; Lemon/Orange – digestion, mood, headaches.

5. Emulsifiers Emulsifiers bind oil and water-based components together. The molecules in the emulsifier will “stick” between the oil and water molecule with each end specific to its ingredient. The fluid remains evenly distributed with both oil and water-based molecules. Emulsifiers also act as a preservative. Some examples are castor oil, polysorbate 20 and 80 and alcohol.

6. Vitamins Organic substances, essential in minute quantities to nourish most animals and some plants, acting as coenzymes, precursors of coenzymes and regulators of metabolic processes, not providing energy or serving as building units, present in natural foods or produced within the body.

Stay tuned – more useful skin care information coming!

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Applying Skin Cream

6. Factors That Cause Skin Damage

Sun Exposure
In addition to the risk of skin cancer, the sun damages the top layer of skin

(epidermis) with each exposure. Researchers estimate that exposure to sunlight’s UVA and UVB rays counts for 90% of the symptoms of skin aging. Over time, this damage adds up, resulting in wrinkles, age spots, and visible redness. Sun exposure causes people to frown

or squint against the harsh light, resulting in wrinkles between the eyebrows and around the eyes.

Geographical Location Some climates are better for skin than others. High altitudes or desert environment provide little moisture to be absorbed by the skin and in effect, will draw moisture out of skin. Over time this results in fine lines and deeper wrinkling effects.

Environmental Pollution Chemicals in the atmosphere can lead to both increased intensity of damaging UV light and to poor skin cell health. With airborne pollution, particulate matter collects on the skin. This can induce a problems for the skin, including

the generation of highly reactive particles called “free radicals.” Pollutants also activate the skin’s protective inflammatory response, eventually impairing the barrier function leading to premature skin aging. Pollution is also linked to increased skin tumors and an alteration of the skin microflora.

Stress Stress is bad for every part of your body, but its damage shows up readily on your skin. Patients routinely tell us that their eczema, dandruff and other conditions flare with stress. Conversely, numerous studies have shown that those who practice meditation, or

any other form of deep relaxation, heal faster. Slow, deep, “belly breathing” facilitates the removal of waste through the lymphatic system. Also, the increased circulation of blood promotes cell turnover and encourages the formation of collagen and elastin needed to minimize wrinkles.

(of any type) If you smoke or use e-cigarettes, the nicotine narrows the tiny

capillaries that bring blood to the surface of the skin, inhibiting the renewal of cells and

the removal of toxins. It also releases an enzyme that breaks down the vital collagen and elastin you need to keep your skin looking young. And of course, cigarette smoke itself is full of hundreds of toxins that end up circulating in your bloodstream. Smoking is also well known to inhibit skin wound healing responses.

Nutrition Fats, refined flour and highly processed foods can all irritate skin, cause breakouts, as well as break down the elastin and collagen you need to keep your skin looking younger. Try to eat the recommended five fruits and vegetables a day. In addition,

focus on foods like salmon, avocados, walnuts, olive oil and flaxseeds that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which not only nourish skin but serve to plump it up, thus reducing wrinkles. A good rule of thumb is to avoid most foods white in color – breads, pastas, sugar, white potatoes. Instead, opt for colorful choices, fruits and vegetables, found in the periphery of the grocery store.

Sugar Sugar gets its own category because it not only causes as much damage to the cardiovascular system and, consequently, to the skin, as smoking and fatty foods, but also because it causes a process known as glycation which damages collagen, the substance

that supports skin and prevents wrinkles. In other words, sugar actually attaches to our collagen, makes it crispy instead of supple and leads to a dry, cracked, sagging and aged complexion.

Alcohol Excessive alcohol can dry the skin, actsingas a diuretic, pulling water from your body. It can also inflame the skin surface, causing the capillary expansion that confers a ruddy-looking complexion and worsening rosacea. Remember – anything you put into your

body will show up on your skin. The only exception to this rule MIGHT be red wine in moderation, due to its antioxidant and resveratrol content. But the alcohol is best left for special occasions.

Sleep Inadequate sleep produces excess cortisol, a hormone that hinders the ability of skin cells to renew themselves. At least seven to eight hours of sleep each night is recommended.

Poor Sleeping Positions The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) warns that sleeping on your side or stomach every night—as with squinting and frequent frowning— causes permanent wrinkles on your cheeks, chin, and chest. The AAD recommends

sleeping on your back if possible, to decrease the pressure that may lead to excessive compression.

Lack of Exercise Exercise does bathe the skin with oxygen-rich blood, facilitating the turnover of old skin cells and promoting the growth of newer cells. In addition, it promotes the circulation of lymphatic fluid, which is the body’s way of removing waste and delivering

nutrients. Any type of exercise is good for your skin, even a brisk walk.

Poor Cleansing Routine When it comes to skin care, gentler is generally better. You don’t need harsh scrubs, but you do need to cleanse your skin twice a day to remove the environmental pollutants you are exposed to in everyday life. Harsh exfoliants can strip the

skin of its natural moisture. Don’t forget to hydrate the skin after cleansing with an effective OrangeDaily topical cream or lotion to lock in the moisture. Moisturizing alone can work wonders for improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Stay tuned – more useful skin care information coming!

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Beautiful Face & Skin

5. The Vital Functions of Your Skin

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It covers the body entirely and is composed of primarily two layers. The outermost, or upper layer of the skin is called the epidermis, the part we see, feel and touch. The epidermis, which consists of several layers, is mostly made of dead epithelial cells.

Directly beneath the epidermis is the other primary skin layer, the dermis. This layer has small blood vessels, nerve endings, oil and sweat glands and hair follicles. The dermis also contains collagen and elastic tissue, which function to keep the skin firm and strong. There is an extra layer underlying the dermis called the subcutaneous layer, made up of fatty tissue that acts as a foundation for the dermis.

1. Protection As the first line of defense against the external environment, the epidermis is continuously replenishing and shedding tens of thousands of dead cells every minute to protect the body from:

  • Mechanical Impact Skin is the first physical barrier to withstand any pressure, stress or trauma. When this mechanical impact is stronger than the skin, a wound will occur, as a breakage through skin with loss of one or more of the skin functions.
  • Fluids Due to the tight packing of cells in the outermost layer of the epidermis (the stratum corneum layer,) our skin helps us retain necessary body fluids and moisture and protects us from the absorption of external fluids or liquids. We can bathe, swim and walk in the rain without concern. Our skin prevents the absorption of any harmful substance or excessive water loss through skin.
  • Radiation If it weren’t for skin, the ultraviolet light (UV light) radiating from sun would damage the underlying tissue in our bodies. This protection is provided by the melanin pigmentation in the epidermis. The skin and its pigmentation helps protect us from many medical illnesses like skin cancers, but because it doesn’t offer complete protection, we should avoid excessive exposure to sunlight by using sunblock and adequate clothing.
  • Infection The top layer of skin is covered with a thin, oily coat of moisture that prevents most foreign substances or organisms, such as fungi, viruses and bacteria from entering the skin. The epidermis also has Langerhans cells, which help to regulate immune responses to pathogens that come into contact with the skin.

2. Thermal Regulation Temperature regulation is aided by the skin through the sweat glands and blood vessels in the dermis. Increased evaporation of the secreted sweat decreases the body temperature. Vasodilation (relaxing of small blood vessels) in the dermis makes it easier for the body to release some heat and lower the body temperature through skin. Vasoconstriction (contracting small blood vessels,) causes the dermis to retain some of the internal body temperature. The fatty subcutaneous layer of the skin also acts as an insulation barrier, helping to prevent the loss of heat from the body and decreasing the effect of cold temperatures.

3. Sensation An important function of the skin dermis is to detect the different sensations of heat, cold, pressure, contact and pain. Sensation is detected through the nerve endings in the dermis which are easily affected by wounds. Sensation in the skin plays a role in helping to protect us from burn wounds. The skin’s sensation can protect us from first and second degree burns, but in cases of third degree burns, it is less effective, as we don’t feel any pain due to the fact that the nerve endings in the skin are destroyed, indicating a more severe injury.

4. Endocrine Function Skin is one of our main sources of vitamin D, through the production of Cholecalciferol (D3) in the two lowermost layers of the epidermis, the stratum basale and stratum spinosum.

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Applying Skin Cream

4. Benefits of OrangeDaily Skin Nutrition

1. Daily Cleanser – The first step in the OrangeDaily Regimen is this superior cleansing formula that removes excess oil, dirt and impurities from exposure to the environment. This cleanser is enriched with antioxidant vitamin C, hydrolyzed oat protein moisturizer and conditioner, molasses extract to soften and hydrate and witch hazel extract, a botanical that tightens and tones. Cleansing with this exceptional formula is the important first step in an effective daily skin care regimen, creating the ideal skin conditioning for the rest of the regimen components to work effectively. (Also cleanse in the evening to remove makeup and impurities from exposure.) More ›

2. Daily Toner – The second step in the OrangeDaily Regimen is the alcohol-free Toner, applied to the face and neck using a cotton ball or pad. OrangeDaily Toner adjusts the pH level of the skin to enable the other OrangeDaily products to deliver maximum nutritional benefits with vitamin C and other important skin nutrients. We add green tea antioxidant, algae extract to moisturize and strengthen, willow bark extract to tone and tighten and sodium PCA, a hydrating ingredient that naturally draws moisture into the skin. (Also apply Toner in the evening to remove impurities and balance the skin for the nightly regimen of serum and moisturizer.) More ›

3. 10% Vitamin C Serum – The third step in the OrangeDaily Regimen is the 10% Vitamin C Serum, the cornerstone in the daily skin care system. This serum delivers concentrated benefits of vitamin C known for inhibiting excess pigment (melanin) formation, promoting collagen biosynthesis and providing other age-defying factors. This serum also contains vitamins A and E for triple-antioxidant shielding. Vitamin A is also known to stimulate refreshing epidermal renewal and to improve skin elasticity. Gently smooth a small amount onto your face and neck with your fingertips. (Also apply serum in the evening regimen to fortify the cumulative “reservoir effect” of additional topical vitamin C.) More ›

4. Daily Moisturizer – The fourth step in the OrangeDaily Regimen is OrangeDaily Moisturizing Cream, with two humectants, glycerin and glycerin stearate, to draw moisture to the skin. It is also formulated with Vitamin C, plus other key antioxidant and age-defying active ingredients. Vitamin E, an antioxidant, maintains moisture balance and provides nutrients. Antioxidant green tea extract soothes irritated, inflamed skin and aids in skin hydration, helping to prevent the appearance of premature aging. Ginkgo biloba, a botanical extract, soothes the skin and helps improve circulation. Apply a thin coating using fingertips. (Also apply Moisturizing Cream in the evening regimen to fortify the cumulative “reservoir effect” of additional topical vitamin C.) More ›

5. Advanced Eye Complex – This option in the OrangeDaily System targets only the delicate cells around the eye that are damaged, eliminating the potential of overloading healthy cells with nutrients. Key ingredients include: Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, as effective yet gentler than retinol; for hydration, small-molecule Sodium Hyaluronate, which holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water; Vitamin C, known for inhibiting hyperpigmentation (“dark circles,”) promoting collagen biosynthesis and preventing tissue-damaging free radical formation, plus Vitamin E, another antioxidant that maintains moisture and stabilizes lipids and lipoproteins, the fatty material within the skin cells. Morning or evening, apply with soothing strokes of your fingertips. More › 

6. Age-Defying Tri-Retinol Complex – This option in the OrangeDaily System contains ingredients that stimulate epidermal cell renewal, strengthen, firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with three types of vitamin A – Retinol, Retinyl Acetate and Retinyl Palmitate along with topical Vitamin C. Vitamin C inhibits melanin formation, promotes collagen biosynthesis and prevents free radical formation. Dermatologists use Retinoic acid to slow skin aging, improve tone, remove color irregularities and treat acne. All three forms of low-dose retinol in Age-Defying Tri-Retinol Complex combine to gently work together without common retinol side effects – irritation, inflammation and increased sun sensitivity. Before bed, apply a small amount to affected areas to rejuvenate skin. If used in the morning, apply a sunscreen before sun exposure. More ›

7. Dual Action Lightening Cream – This option in the OrangeDaily System naturally lightens and balances skin irregularities and “age spots,” and balances skin chemistry and complexion tone using lactic acid and vitamin C. Lactic acid suppresses tyrosinase, the enzyme that increases melanin that causes darker, uneven skin pigmentation. Lactic acid also helps maintain moisture balance. Vitamin C also inhibits melanin formation, promotes collagen biosynthesis and prevents free radical formation. Gently smooth a small amount of Brightening Cream to discolored areas with the fingertips. This cream is also an excellent moisturizer, so if you choose to use it over broader areas, such as the entire face and neck, substitute it for the Moisturizing Cream. More ›

Stay tuned – more useful skin care information coming!

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Orange Daily Blog

3. The Science Behind Topical Vitamin C

OrangeDaily formulas were developed by Dr. Ron DiSalvo, who has served as VP of Research and Development at Redken and Remedco Medical Analytical Laboratories and as Director of R&D for John Paul Mitchell Systems and University Medical Products. He is a skin care authority.

L-ascorbic acid, better known as vitamin C, is a subject of great interest to scientists and dermatologists all over the world. The American Academy of Dermatology states that “Topical vitamin C should be used by everyone every day. No other product ingredient provides more therapy to the skin than topical vitamin C.” Actual case and clinical studies attest to the efficacy of topical vitamin C. Current research indicates that topical vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes the free radical damage caused by the sun and other environmental elements that greatly damage the structure and appearance of the skin. Topical vitamin C is photoprotective, protecting the skin against both UVB and UVA exposure. Protection against UVA is a particularly strong benefit not adequately provided by most sunscreens. Topical vitamin C stimulates collagen production, which leads to connective tissue changes that reduce wrinkling of the skin and give skin a smooth, firm and youthful appearance. Topical vitamin C corrects hyperpigmentation which improves skin color and appearance. Clinically proven, vitamin C plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin, but topical vitamin C can be unstable, subject to degradation from exposure to light, air and moisture, so the OrangeDaily proprietary process encapsulates vitamin C into a formulation that protects it from deterioration and increases efficacy and extends shelf life.

Throughout this proven system of skin care, OrangeDaily topical vitamin C is combined with other skin-enhancing compounds, including vitamin E, vitamin A, gingko biloba, hydrolyzed oat protein, algae extract, willow bark extract, molasses extract, sodium PCA, green tea extract and other beneficial ingredients. Collectively, these products produce the most desired results: protection, repair and rejuvenation from stable and effective topical vitamin C formulas.

Stay tuned – more useful skin care information coming!

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Applying Skin Cream

2. Today’s Skin Nutrition Facts & Figures

The rise in global sales of personal care products and the trending self-care culture is driving skin care to the highest spending level ever, presently at over $141 billion in global sales and expected to top $180 billion by 2027. Skin care is no longer an “older female” market. Younger consumers – female and male – are paying increasing attention and spending more dollars to guard their skin against premature aging from the harmful effects of sun exposure, air pollution, poor nutrition and stress. Globally, skin disorders and diseases affect over 900 million people, with over a million cases of skin cancer last year in the US alone.

There is increasing demand for higher sun protection factor formulations and natural organic products instead of chemical formulations, which the large brands like L’Oreal, Revlon, P&G, Unilever and J&J are addressing with expanded lines and new product releases. The markets are younger, expanding, upscale and renewable, the growth is continual, awareness is growing daily through social media, digital marketing and influencers. There is no end to the growth in sight.

Why OrangeDaily is a Reliable Product Line: Topical Vitamin C is Proven It Works!

Topical vitamin C has been proven in various clinical studies to help stimulate collagen, to hydrate and to plump skin, to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, to bind free radicals that oxidize and destroy skin vitality, to lighten dark spots and to regulate pigmentation irregularities. Applied in a conscientious, daily application program over a 60 to 90-day period, topical vitamin C – chemically identical to that used in OrangeDaily formulations – has been proven to promote collagen production, protect skin from sun damage, reduce under-eye circles, accelerate healing, reduce skin discoloration, keep skin looking younger, improve hydration and moisture, reduce inflammation to enable brighter, healthier skin. OrangeDaily products are formulated with a balanced mixture of stable and effective vitamin C, with other clinically proven vitamin and botanical ingredients, produced and packaged by one of the world’s leading cGMP cosmeceutical laboratories under Ampac USA supervision. OrangeDaily products deliver an affordable daily vitamin C therapy and regimen that provides optimal skin protection, repair, restoration and rejuvenation.

Stay tuned – more useful skin care information coming!

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Applying Skin Cream

1. The Truth About Health and Beauty

While cosmetic beauty is a worldwide, multi-billion-dollar industry, one should realize that some cosmetic products are often used to hide skin health problems, whereas OrangeDaily is proven effective in getting to the root of the problems – skin nutrition. Cosmetics may fall short of what is fast becoming a new consumer awareness in this “Covid World”: a focus on true health through lifestyle changes such as adequate exercise, stress relief and proper nutrition.

Staying at home in quarantine, limited from outside stimulus and provided with time for reflection on what is important in the present moment have driven many individuals to conclusions that have implemented more positive lifestyle changes. Covid for all of its negativity on society, has allowed many people a “sabbatical” from their fast-paced world, thus allowing them to make these healthier lifestyle choices. The coverup world of cosmetics has given ways to the search for what I term “truth in health and beauty” provided by increasing the consumer’s scientific knowledge behind their healthy choices.

As consumers continue to focus on personal health, their level of knowledge base becomes more scientific and factual. Within this emerging awareness for improved health, many people’s focus are shifting towards our largest and most “malnourished” organ in our body—our skin. It is a fact that even with ingesting healthy foods and vitamins, the skin is the last to reap the benefits of “oral” nutrition. The most effective way to improve skin nutrition is through topical application. Couple this with understanding that our climate changes, intensified sun exposure and increasing environmental stresses all contribute towards accelerated skin damage. As a result of this mounting concern, health- conscious consumers are searching for optimal skin health. Given these circumstances, one begins to understand why OrangeDaily is positioned towards becoming a “leading edge” product. Through daily use of our system of products, one can provide their skin with a proper balance of the necessary ingredients to promote skin health and beauty. The uniqueness of our products is in the masterful formulations that provide the essential nutrients and vitamins that are either missing or in low supply to skin cells.

It is important to note that similar to exercise, diet and other self-improvement implementations, improved skin health and beauty will not be an overnight success. One workout will not change a person’s physique nor will eating less than 1,500 calories in one day cause a person to shed 50 pounds. However, consistency in any of these changes of lifestyle, performed every day—without fail—will result in a gradual and often dramatic result. Such is also the case in the daily use of OrangeDaily products. Rest assured that by using these products, one is applying the proper nutrients and if used on a daily basis will improve wrinkling, age spots, and leave the skin looking younger within a span of a few months. The concept is to continue to use OrangeDaily products as a lifestyle change, thus avoiding many of the damages promoted by sun, stresses and age. A few

minutes spent every day applying these products goes a long way towards preventing or rejuvenating what we see in the mirror every time we stand in front of it.

Stay tuned – more useful skin care information coming!

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